Selling a home in River Green? Please find some important information below.

It is important to let your clients know that River Green Community Association, Inc. is a mandatory membership community with covenants that are enforced.  This means authorization is required from the HOA for any modifications/changes to the exterior of the home or lot (front and back).  This includes, but is not limited to, items such as fencing (only certain types available), roofing, tree removal/replacement, window installations, painting, etc.  Please contact our community manager for further clarification. 

It also means homes should be kept to the community standard and regular compliance drives are completed by our management team.  A copy of the covenants, bylaws, rules and regulations, and design guidelines are available for homeowners to view on this website.

Closing Letters must be ordered for ALL homes sold in River Green, IF the address you're selling is inside a sub-association, see list below, a closing letter must be ordered for the River Green Master and the sub-association. If your address is not in a sub-association, you will only need one Closing Letter and pay only the fees noted on the Closing Letter to River Green. 

Sub-Associations within the River Green Community
Franklin Park - CMA Manager Katie Wiernek - 
The Retreat at River Green - Manager James King Fieldstone Management -
Victoria Gardens/Pinnacle Place - CMA Manager Sara Miller-
Lakeside at River Green - Manager James King Fieldstone Management - 

Due to River Green at Closing
1. Mandatory Initiation/Resale Fee - $945.00 due at Closing. Exempt ONLY IF selling a home in River Green to buy a home in River Green. 
2. 2024 Annual Dues - $1,100.00
3. IF the address is in Franklin Park, Resale Fee payable to River Green is $745 due at closing.
    IF the address is in Victoria Gardens/Pinnacle Place, Resale Fee payable to River Green is $820 due at closing.
    IF the address is in The Retreat or Lakeside, Resale Fee payable to River Green is $945 due at closing.
*Reach out to sub-association manager to find out the resale fee also due to the sub-association at closing.... 
4. Any balances owed on the account will be noted on the Closing Letter and must be settled at closing. 

Please contact your sub-association manager for any/all fees due for the sub-associations. 

River Green Master - Manager Kristy Cowell